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Health Mission

Our healthcare system is changing and many of us are finding ourselves with high-cost insurance deductibles.  This shift has provided the opportunity to decrease your out-of-pocket costs and make purchases for medical equipment online.  This includes respiratory items such as CPAP devices and related supplies.  Portable oxygen and home nebulizers are also included with this shift.  While it is more cost effective, there is little to no professional education or support online.  Education and guidance is important to ensure that you are setup with products that work for you in order to remain successful with your treatment.


Experience and Professionalism

As a Registered Respiratory Therapist and sleep consultant expert, it is my goal to provide you with an innovative solution.  With over 10 years of experience working with and educating clients on home medical equipment, I can provide you with the professional education, information, and support that will make your journey with therapy a success. 

Live Video

PAP Therapy (CPAP, BiPAP and Ventilators)

  1. Consultation/ordering machines online
  2. Consultation/ordering masks and supplies online
  3. Set-up and Instruction
  4. Follow-up and Troubleshooting
  5. Coaching


  1. Ordering portable oxygen online
  2. Ordering oxygen supplies online
  3. Troubleshooting home oxygen
  4. Education and Instruction


  1. Setup and care instruction
  2. Ordering Supplies online

Consulting Options



Can I use my health insurance to pay for services?

Homecare Anywhere encourages you to use your health savings account debit card to pay for services.  We also accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.  We do not accept insurance.

Can I use my phone/I-pad or Tablet?

Yes, you can use your personal computer, IPhone, Ipad, or Samsung supported device for services. 

Will my video chat be HIPPA protected?

Yes, for our telehealth technology, we utilize an innovative software company called SleepTM, they are HIPPA compliant. 

Do you offer translation services?

All information is provided in English.  We do not currently offer any other languages.  

Do you have further questions?

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