Melanie Allee RRT


Working as a respiratory therapist has allowed me to pursue my passion, which is the ability to care for others. It was working in home-care where I truly found my niche.

I just have a passion for providing education and instruction on everything related to sleep therapy.  This includes building trust and relationships as well as customizing plans to assist each individual on their journey.  

If you are reading this you may be wondering, "well who is she, does she even use a CPAP machine?"  The truth is, I don't.  I do not have to use the therapy nightly.  I can say that I have tried the therapy for an extended period of time.  More importantly, I've assisted and went on the journey, with thousands of sleep apnea clients.  You are each unique and have your own particular needs. 

 I have learned different techniques and solutions from people just like you.  I understand the pros and cons to the multitude of products available online.  There are so many options and such great information online, but it can become overwhelming.  I want to be there to fill in the gaps and point you in the right direction. 


"When the industry gives you lemons, make lemonade."

 Totally cliche', yes, I get that.  It is the current, and unfortunate reality of the durable medical equipment industry.  

It is my goal to be the expert in online sleep therapy consulting.  With over 10 years of experience in home health care.  I have gained the knowledge necessary to support clients with all of their PAP therapy needs and concerns. 

Purchasing your equipment and supplies online should NOT prevent you from receiving trustworthy information and advice; rather, our services should allow you to become and remain successful with treatment.